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Project Description
A small, simple C# 2D game framework that ties tightly into the XNA architecture. Builds in easy support for game states, animation, component based objects, cameras, input, timers, color spaces, and more.

This project is still in early development

As a programming teacher in a Simulation and Game Development, I write a lot of simple, easy to use classes in XNA. This project is oriented towards collecting most of that code, and tying it together into something I can give to students or use in small, easy projects.

Significant work will be done on this project over the winter break, so keep your eyes open. Also, some architecture decisions are still a little up in the air, so beware of major changes.

Other Projects

In the meantime, check out my other project,, an easy to use, performance oriented scripting language designed to work with and on the .NET Compact Framework!

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